MULE DEER: These Trophy animals have made a great comeback as a result of excellent management practices by our outfitter. Success on trophy animals has been quite high. In last five years our Utah outfitter had a 100% success rate with bucks averaging between 25″ and 28″ with great mass, and stellar tine length – many exceeding 180″. We have guaranteed landowner tags under a special landowner management program and can hunt Mule Deer early in the season while in velvet thru early November near or in the rut.

TROPHY ELK: The elk herds in Utah continue to grow at phenomenal rates. Our outfitter had a 80% success rate, and all hunters had shooting opportunities. The trophy bulls that were harvested  scored between 300″ and 386″ B&C points! We have hunts and guaranteed CWMU tags in different areas and dates depending on weapon and tag. Call or email for availability and cost of these hunts.

MOOSE HUNTS: Moose hunts are also available! With a 100% success rate with bulls averaging 135-145 B&C points and sporting spreads of 40″ to 50″, this hunt is tough to beat! Very limited amount of landowner tags and one of the only states that offer Shiras Moose tags. The wolf impact in Wyoming and Idaho have devastated Shiras moose and most draw hunts are now closed. This may be one of the last opportunities to harvest a Shiras moose in the rut. Call or email for availability and cost of these hunts.

COUGARS: If cougars are what you’re interested in, we can definitely help you! What fun it is to hunt cats in northern Utah, and we take some monsters!

NOTE: All hunts include transportation from Morgan, Utah to the campsite and transportation on or around the mountain. All food and lodging is included. Caring for animals, which includes field dressing, caping and transportation to and from the meat locker. Comfortable wall tents to 10,000 sq ft five star lodges are available depending on the time of year and hunt location. Motels also possible on cougar hunts.

HUNT DATES: September 1st – October 31st.

Hunts Offered:

5-Day Trophy Mule Deer

3-Day Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

5-Day Trophy Rifle Elk Hunt

5-Day Archery Trophy Elk Hunt

5-Day Archery Elk/Deer Combo

5-Day Trophy Moose Rut Hunt

5- Day Couger Hunt


$5000 plus tags and license

$4000 plus tags and license

$15,000 plus tags and license (CWMU tag)

$5000 plus tags and license

$6000 plus tags and license

$12,500 (Includes Guaranteed Tag)

$5500 + Tag & license