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Looking for the ULTIMATE trophy hunt, the fishing expedition of a lifetime, or a coveted landowner tag? Look no further! Trophy Chasers Outdoors has been providing hunters with some of the best trophy opportunities and tags in the country for over 20 years. Our extensive ongoing research, combined with decades of experience, takes all the “guess work” out of finding a reputable Outfitter that will PRODUCE RESULTS.

We’ve partnered up with some of the finest Outfitters in the Industry – carefully choosing those who CONSISTENTLY produce Trophy-Class animals. We want to ensure that every single client has a unique and successful experience while hunting or fishing with us.

Relationships are very important to us. We have personally hunted or fished with each & every Outfitter we endorse – therefore establishing a strong working-relationship with all of them.

I’ve been hunting since I was a kid. About 45 years now. I lost track of how many people have told me “they can guarantee big game,” only to come back empty handed. I almost stopped hunting with others because of this. A good friend who I trust told me about his experience with Dan and Trophy Chasers. It almost sounded too good to be true, but I gave them a call anyway. Now I wake up every day to see the biggest damn elk I’ve ever seen – hanging on the wall of my living room. I spent a lifetime searching for what Trophy Chasers provided in just one hunt. These guys know what they are doing and where to go.

A. Haro

Why LOCATION is so Important:

A good location is a Hunter or Fisherman’s best kept secret. Nothing beats time in the field or experience when it comes to finding where the Trophy-Class game are. Trophy Chasers offers fully-guided Trophy Hunts on our EXCLUSIVE RANCHES in places like Colorado, Washington, Sonora Mexico, & surrounding west-coast States. These ranches are strictly operated for Trophy Mule Deer, Trophy Elk, and other game with a very high success rate.

Annually, Trophy Chasers produces some of the largest animals harvested throughout the west and Mexico – as seen in many hunting magazines & videos. In addition, we are one of the LARGEST Landowner Tag Brokers and Professional Outfitters in the country. We’ve managed to secure many of the most competitively sought-after Landowner Tags in the areas we cover.

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Trophy Chasers Outfitters & Hunting Guide

Trophy Chasers Outdoors is proud to be an affiliate of “Best of the West,” one of the most well-known names in the Industry. We are a Pro-Dealer of their quality Long Range Rifles, Huskemaw Scopes, and other long-range products which can be found in our STORE. Additionally, we offer long range hunting classes and seminars – hosted by Best of the west!

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